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Top 5 Underrated Male R&B Artists

Despite being extremely talented, gaining exposure as an R&B artist in 2019 is rather difficult. Soulful music about love and relationships are not as appreciated and trendy as they once were during the 20th century. Many R&B artists also have an introverted, reserved personality, reframing from interviews and social media to bring awareness to their brand. Furthermore, music from thousands of various artists is more accessible than it’s ever been due to prominent apps like Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud making it harder to stand out.

Due to such hindering factors, I believe there are several R&B artists who do not get the attention they deserve for the great music they share with the world. Therefore, I am dedicating this blog to celebrate five talented R&B artists who should receive more exposure for their artistry.

Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger has been singing for nearly a decade and has dropped several great projects during his career including “Cuffing Season”, “Eric B For President: Term 1”, and “Eazy Call.” Many fans are aware of his great music and vocal talents, but his most notable accomplishments come from his songwriting.

He often boasts in his music that he’s probably written your favorite artist’s song. Some hit singles that he wrote are “Fine China” by Chris Brown, and “Lemme See” by Usher. If you enjoy fun music about women and relationships, check out his music.


Jacquees is a 25 year old singer from Atlanta, Georgia who proclaimed himself to be the King of R&B, causing massive controversy last year. Although I disagree with his comment, his melodic voice and gifted ability to sing allows him to make such a bold statement.

Jacquees is well known for his ability to remix R&B singles so well that they sound better than the original song. Two tracks in which he showcases this talent are the remixes “Trip”, by Ella Mai and “Karma”, by Queen Naija. Because the self-proclaimed king of R&B makes such great remixes, I believe people often overlook his other great singles such as “B.E.D”, “Come Thru”, and “Inside.” His music has a smooth sexual vibe that creates a lively feeling for relationships.

Tone Stith

Amongst these five males, I believe Tone Stith may be the most underrated artist. After recently discovering his music last month, I’ve been playing his music nearly every day. The 23-year-old artist from New Jersey gained some recognition after writing Chris Brown’s song, “Liquor” on the album, Royalty.

What makes this man so great is his tremendous talent for singing which is often showcased with his incredible vocal range. If you’re an avid fan of R&B music, his last two projects, “Can We Talk”, and “Good Company” are definitely worth listening to.

Eli Sostre

Unlike the other artists mentioned above, Eli Sostre’s music tends to have a dark, mysterious vibe. Rather than talking about traditional R&B topics like love and sex, his music is a lot more introspective and abstract. His most notable project is “Sleep Is For The Weak.” If you’re looking for late night R&B music to vibe to while driving or chilling at home, Eli Sostre may be the guy for you

Amir Obè

Similarly to Eli Sostre, Amir Obè’s music also has a nice, mysterious vibe that’s most enjoyable to play during the night. In his past work, he’s collaborated with Eli Sostre and Partynextdoor. His most notable release is “Detrooklyn” which was cosigned by Drake and rose him to fame in 2014. Till today, Amir Obè continues to make smooth late night music with songs like “Romeo” and “Famous.”


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