• Ike Okwerekwu

Top 5 Underrated Female R&B Artists

So many beautiful women with great talents and singing abilities go unnoticed. Many of them are women of color who deserve more recognition for the positive energy they bring to the world. In this article, I would like to bring awareness to these gifted artists who provide alot of sanity and happiness for many women.

Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox embodies what it means to be a beautiful black women. Much of her music speaks about the importance of self image and having confidence in your beauty. Her album, "Shea Butter Baby" is arguably a masterpiece and reminds me of SZA's classic album, "CTRL."

Kali Uchis

What makes Kali so unique is how comfortable she is with expressing herself. Whether it be the way she dresses, talks spiritually in interviews, or openly shares her vulnerable feelings in her songs, she shows tremendous courage by always being herself. She proves this to be true in her album, "Isolation" and song, "Loner."

Snoh Aalegra

Whenever I listen to Snoh, I feel an incredible sense of freedom and peace. Something about her music makes you feel very sane even in moments of distress. Her song, "I want you around" is one of my favorite songs by any woman.

Jhene Aiko

Jhene might have the best music when it comes to providing spiritual healing and uplifting vibes. Her collaborative album with Big Sean, "Twenty88" is personally my favorite album by a couple. She recently released her self titled album, "Chilombo" which also deserves a good listen.


Despite her young age, H.E.R is pretty mature and insightful. What i appreciate about H.E.R is her genuine love for music and her artistic nature displayed in many of her live performances. Fan favorite tracks are "Best Part" and "Focus."


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