• Ike Okwerekwu

R.I.P Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues

In 2018, we lost many fond rappers including Mac Miller and XXXtentacion. Although these deaths were unfortunate, something about the death of Nipsey Hussle felt different. Compared to the younger rappers who died, Nipsey Hussle rap career was more extensive and deeply connected with the streets. Because Nipsey Hussle lived such a virtuous lifestyle, I felt like the artist would never experience death at such an early age. Jay Z shares similar thoughts, dedicating a freestyle to Nipsey Hussle in which he says, “I never dreamed he would be killed in a place that he called home.”

For many people, the death of Nipsey Hussle is extremely tragic because he has made deep genuine connections with so many people which is evident by the myriad of social media posts and pictures dedicated to him. Other than Tupac, I can’t recall another hip hop artist who received such love and reverence for such a lengthy period. Nipsey Hussle was one of few artists who led and served his community. Unlike many rappers who are deceptive about their lifestyle through their music and social media antiques, Nipsey honestly raps what he lives. The man rapped and modeled the importance of giving back to your urban neighborhood by spreading knowledge, supporting black businesses, and gaining wealth.

Not only was he a successful independent artist, but the man was a great entrepreneur as well. Personally, Nipsey Hussle inspired me to become an entrepreneur by by starting my own blog called “Music For Inspiration”. In 2013, he sold one thousand of copies of his mixtape, “Crenshaw” for one hundred dollars each. His most notable display of entrepreneurship was his purchase of an entire shopping plaza to establish the Marathon Clothing store in his hometown of Crenshaw. The Marathon Clothing is a shop dedicated to selling shirts and other merchandises while integrating an app that allows buyers to purchase exclusive clothing. Watch the video below to learn more about the story of how Nipsey Hussle opened a store for his hood.

Whenever I listen to his music or watch how he moves, he evokes the entrepreneurial spirit within me. Nipsey played a significant role in the reason why I decided to create my own blog website ( which was to essentially honor and write about the profound impact of hip hop music. In a video with Gary Vaynerchuck, Nipsey discusses how he embodies entrepreneurship by delivering original content and influencing hip hop culture.

As a passionate fan, I feel obligated to continue the man’s legacy by living what he preached. Like Nipsey Hussle, I will become a great influencer, own businesses, and give back to my community. RIP Nipsey Hussle, I promise the marathon will continue!

“Yea, I’m still a gang member, but I’m not a gang banger. That’s not something you can just put down because if you do you never really was a part of it. But you learn how to redirect your energies. I’m not still out here jumping in cars pulling off missions. I’m building businesses and employing my home boys”

-Nipsey Hussle

Below are my favorite tracks by Nipsey Hussle and a link to his last album, “Victory Lap” which many acclaimed was the best rap album of 2018:

To download the album, click the album link below: