• Ike Okwerekwu

A Mother's Love

A mother’s love may be the most powerful thing in the world. Throughout my life, my mom has been my biggest source of inspiration because she sacrificed so much for me to become the man I am today. Whenever I feel unmotivated or hopeless, I would call my mother and hearing her voice always encourages me to continue grinding. My mom’s constant support for me has contributed largely to my success in pharmacy school.

Below are five tracks that I often listen to that help me better appreciate all the great things my mom has done for me.

1. Dear Mama (Tupac Shakur)

In this classic song, Tupac Shakur raps about his appreciation for her mother, Afeni Shakur and speaks about the hardships they’ve undergone.

2.Hey Mama (Kanye West)

In this Late Registration track, Kanye West talks about how proud he is of his mother and how much emphasis her mom placed on going to school.

3. Hey Ma (Chance The Rapper)

In this track from the album, “10 Day”, Chance the Rapper speaks about all the great mothers he encountered in his life and thanks the mother for their maternal support.

4. Welcome Home Sylvan (Quest)

Although this introspective track is a skit, I listed this track by Quest because it reminds me of how my mom always supports me even during my hardest times.

5. Spoke to my Momma (Ace Hood)

In this track, ace hood talks about his frustrations with seeing his mother struggled in the hood, but is now able to support his mom after becoming a successful rapper.

“I just wanna, I wanna thank anybody whose been a mother to a motherless child. I love you mommy.”

-Chance The Rapper


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