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About  Music For Inspiration

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Music for inspiration is a blog that provides insightful content about hip hop and R&B music to inspire positive action. Music is played for various reasons such as to party, work out, or hang out with friends, but people rarely listen to music for inspiration despite the fact that hip hop and R&B dominate American culture. This website offers a different perspective on the music genres by blogging about how artists and their music can motivate you to achieve success.


The blog also writes articles on various topics regarding hip hop and R&B music such as album reviews, thought-provoking lyrics, and artist development. Unlike other blogs, this website does not post gossip content or any news that may negatively impact the image of an artist. This blog intends to promote good hip hop and R&B music by posting content on newly released albums and talented artists weekly.


Music lovers may also use the site to discover great albums or search for new projects under different subgenres of hip hop and R&B. In particular, the Sleepers' sections intend to provide exposure to underrated albums and artists that do not receive the attention they deserve. Music for inspiration has many galleries of album covers that showcase classic albums and other highly regarded projects. For each album displayed, a music player, tracklist and access to album downloads may be provided.